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04:52 "Shapeshi Feat. Ers" Music Video Forthteller
04:10 01 Of Nothing Lyrics Forthteller
05:34 Forthteller Commentary On "Shapeshi Feat. Ers" Music Video
01:01 "Of Nothing" Panasonic gh5 Forthteller
04:03 Of Nothing
04:29 "Tiresias" Forthteller
27:14 Interview With Forthteller!
04:49 02 Empire Lyrics Forthteller
03:20 05 The Crux Lyrics Forthteller
05:02 03 Evolve Lyrics Forthteller
04:47 02 Shapeshi Feat. Ers Lyrics Forthteller
03:20 "Moon Reader" Music Video Lumen
04:43 Shapeshi Feat. Ers
04:36 04 Tiresias Lyrics Forthteller
04:01 Crossing The Red Sea Christian Symphonic Metal Sławomir Urban
01:59 A Garden Feat. Brian Watkins Introvert
03:06 04 The Arbiter Lyrics Forthteller