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00:43 Metalocalypse Bookklok Guitar Solo Strife Cover
00:48 Metalocalypse Guitar Solo Strife Bookklok
16:44 How To Play Skwisgaar' S Solo Strife
00:32 Johnny Monaco Metalocalypse Bookklok Guitar Solo Strife
00:40 Metalocalypse Guitar Solo Strife Cover
15:15 How To Play Crush My Battle Opponents Balls By Dethklok Guitar Solo Lesson W/Tabs
01:14 I' M No Man Solos Cover Metalocalypse Bookklok Solo Strife
16:45 Dethklok Compilation Solos Covers Guitar
07:11 Best Of Dethklok' S Guitar Solos
02:11 Brendon Small Home Movies Guitar Solos
00:31 Skwisgaar Solo
01:10 Guitar Solo Strife Metalocalypse Cover
01:56 Metalocalypse Guitar Cover The Duel
04:51 Best Of Skwisgaar Skwigelf The Dethalbum
00:47 Bookklok Solo Dethklok
01:07 Metalocalypse Skwisgaar Guitar Solo Strife Cover
00:33 Bookklok Strife Solo