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00:54 Boardwalk Empire Somebody Loves Me
04:13 Dream A Little Dream Of Me Boardwalk Empire Volume 3 Soundtrack Abkco Margot Bingham
03:02 Somebody Loves Me
01:16 Daughter Maitland Boardwalk Empire Everybody Loves My Baby
01:42 Daughter Maitland Margot Bingham Boardwalk Empire The Old Ship Of Zion
03:48 Margot Bingham Change The World Eric Clapton Cover
05:54 Margot Bingham Boardwalk Empire Reel
01:18 "River Of Jordan" Margot Bingham
03:19 Margot Bingham Daughter Maitland Sings St Louis Blues Lyrics
04:19 Margot B Performs Symptoms Of Love At Bam Café Live
03:38 You Make Me Complete Margot Bingham
04:38 Complete Margot B
02:03 Margot Bingham A Taste Of Rockwood Music Hall January
04:08 Farewell Daddy Blues Full Version Daughter Maitland
02:20 Margot Bingham Saint Louis Blues
03:43 Margot Bingham Live At Rockwood Music Hall In New York City