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04:46 Ronan Hardiman Lord Of The Dance
04:31 Lord Of The Dance Ronan Hardiman
08:05 The Dawning
03:33 New Lands Ronan Hardiman
02:50 A Celtic Dawning 1
03:36 Michael Flatley "Feet Of Flames" Song By Ronan Hardiman "Victory"
05:13 Original Piano Composition By lillyc68 Dawning
02:14 Feet Of Flames A Tribute
02:36 She Moved Through The Fair Jim Hardiman
04:34 The Sky The Dawn And The Sun
03:27 Lord Of The Dance "Anne Buckley" Siuil A Run
04:29 Cry Of The Celts
03:18 The Lord Of The Dance
04:17 Cry Of The Celts Full Version